Cognitive Abilities Assessment:
Is employed to discover an individuals strengths and weaknesses through out the life span. It will aid in determining if the way your brain functions affects ones ability to learn. Cognitive evaluations are far more comprehensive than the evaluations typically given by a school psychologists. Psycho-educational evaluations are free. Strengths as to employing PEE can aid in determining whether your child has a learning disability that will be eligible for special education services (e.g., individualized education plan IEP). One weakness that accuser will illustrate that the PEE may not identify with the whole story concerning the overall behavioral characteristics that can define challenging behavior. A parent has a legal right to request another assessment/evaluation. The evaluation will more than likely be able to determine the following:
Executive functioning skills
Language skills
Visual-spatial, visual-motor and fine motor skills
Social emotional functioning
Academic skills in reading, math and writing

Individualized Education Program/ 504 Advocate

We will or can attend IEP/504 Plan meetings with parent or guardians to establish services needed to develop a better educational that relate to a better quality of life for your child. My job is to make sure:
you are heard and understood
your child receive learning tools that are necessary to fulfill task with regard to auditory, visual and hand on stimulation techniques.
Making sure the school follows statues that safe guard your child as it pertains to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Keep in mind as to not scheduling your IEP meetings without checking to see if an advocate can attend the meeting to support you. It is significant as to understanding that patience is key in these situations to bring forth better results that will aid in better preparation for out meeting it may be well worth the wait to postpone immediate meetings with school officials. It is wise that both you and your advocate be prepared to develop a plan that will benefit your child.

Forensic Assessments:
Factors associated with risk assessments for violent behavior are comprehensive and diverse, drawing on individual, interpersonal, and contextual domains. Most risk factors can be classifies as either static (i.e., factors that do not change over time and setting) or dynamic (i.e., factors that change over time and setting). A CBA examiner will assess relevant risk factors concerning psychopathic behavioral characteristics that are a leading cause of recidivism within our criminal justice system:

At risk behaviors
Child abuse/custody
Criminal responsibility & competency to stand trial.

Parent Stress Assessment:
Evaluate the magnitude of stress in the parent-child system. By examining two domains, child and parent, which combine to form the total stress scale. The assessment will aid in providing preventative programs early in the child’s life as to considering those underlying issues before entering school. Moreover, the delay in identifying most negative situations that influence the child’s development to such a degree which subsequent remediation is difficult and expensive. We identify high-risk situations at the earliest possible time to allow for more efficient and effective interventions to assist your therapist.

Behavioral Skills Development Consultations:

Behavioral evidence-based consultations are apart of the psychological domain. We do this by staying focused on an individualized approach that will rely on positive goal setting followed by decreasing a pessimistic or negative behavioral character traits in a relatively short time frame.

Organizational Behavior Management/ Business Ethics

Evaluating underlying environmental issues that unconsciously affect a companies day to day business dealings. We will do this by understanding your staff’s behavioral character traits and trends that may possibly be creating at risk consequences. These consequences aim at bringing forth data that will provide a way to eliminate and decrease problem circumstances. Followed by, employing principles through applied behavior research to promote work productivity and increase employee satisfaction concerning that data that will be collected to develop training and performance improvements

Organizational Behavior Management employs the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. It does this by taking a behavior analysis approach. Providing an interpretation about people-organizational relationships in terms of the whole person, whole group, whole organization, and whole environment. Its purpose is to build better relationships by achieving individual objectives, organizational objectives, and social objectives. Organizational behavior encompasses a wide range of topics, such as human behavior/life span, change, leadership, team-building, etc.

Workshops & Seminars/Computerized Tutorials
CBA will precisely tailor the elements of each seminar/tutorial to the individual audience’s needs, the over-all structure remains the same. Ethics is a process, one that is simple without being simplistic, complex or complicated. Due to the ethical code of conduct being a process, once guidelines are learned and valued the ECC can be applied anywhere. When organizations are full of skilled employees that can make better decisions, it creates what CBA calls a “integrity culture”: a supportive, positive atmosphere that builds on morale’s and will aim at, fostering an internal and external loyalty, that will improves not only the organizations reputation it will inspire employee’s, due to their new thoughts which relate to their feeling to produce. Topics:

Ethical Suitability & Literacy
Moral Ethical Courage
Courage in Parenting
Employee Compliance

Parent/Family Coaching
When discussing issues relating to parenting, only one who has experienced similar issues can aid in effectively providing trustworthy support. Meanwhile, licenses as well as certifications are but part of the equation as to proper resolution, real-world experience is invaluable in this regard……..

Referral Service
In the event we are unable to assist you further we will connect you with a therapist that can relate to your personal needs.

All service plans come with consultation, naturalistic observation, assessment and results. Intervention plans are separate due to treatment needs are individualized where client may be subject to our referral service to a licensed Psychiatrist.