Donna has always loved to travel. It started with Girl Scout Wider Opportunities to places like Oklahoma, California, camping up and down the Rocky Mountains, and an amazing trip to Alaska. Growing up in multicultural South Texas gave her a true feel for the richness of other cultures around the world. As an adult, she married her husband in 1999 and has been relocated multiple times around the country. Spending her honeymoon at Sandals in Jamaica was the first foray into other countries and she hasn’t stopped since. While living in Seattle, WA, Donna completed a Bachelors of Arts degree with concentrations in Culture, Literature and Art. As her final class to graduate, she traveled to Italy for study. By then the European bug had bitten and she has since gone back a number of times to see more of the continent. Since she routinely travels with her family, Donna can anticipate the needs of families looking to explore this great big world and would be happy to help in any way possible.